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Virtual reality host flexibele uren - The Netherlands - students welcome

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, several citiesFLEXIBLE HOSTS - BE/NL

Job description

First of all, thank you for your interest!

We are a -very fast - expanding start-up offering location based entertainment in the form of virtual reality. We believe VR should be accessible, enjoyable for everyone (all ages) - anywhere.

Our main goal is to offer our clients the most amazing experience in virtual reality.

As a flexible Virtual reality host/hostess you will take care of the most important part of our business, our clients.

More concrete your tasks would be ;

- open the venue

- Welcoming clients

- help clients in to their VR gear

- inform clients about safety measures

- offering clients a drink

- help to keep the location clean

- help to maintain VR gear 

- close the venue

We are open 7/7 form 10 - 22u. 

When clients have booked for a game time slots are opened for flex hosts to work (usually one week in advance). 

You can take a slot via our app when you wish to work. 

Job requirements